Peak School is a pioneered phonetics Montessori educational institute in the region, as a unique method of introducing children to a lifetime of enjoyable learning. Special curriculum and co-curriculum materials, largely manipulative in nature, help to satisfy developmental needs and enable children to experience the excitement of learning by choice, rather than by being forced. Children are helped to develop natural tools for learning so that their abilities will be at a maximum in future learning situations.


Our Montessori and kindergarten Section has specially prepared classrooms that have been created with the unique needs of children 3 ½ – 6+ in mind. Each room is presented in an orderly and attractive manner. All materials in the classroom are designed to cultivate children’s natural curiosity and love for knowledge through working with their hands. Once motivated from within, children will then continue their search for knowledge throughout their lifetime.

Curriculum and Co-curriculum

While the curriculum in the Montessori Section is vast, it is always developmentally appropriate for young children. They are individually guided through the program at their own pace and level. Along with the necessary skills for independence, the children are introduced – in a sequential and concrete way – to mathematics, language, phonetics, science social studies, Islamic study, and art.
Montessori at Peak School captures the concept of ‘the family’ at the core of learning. It is natural that older children learn to be responsible, gain self-confidence, self-assurance, and develop self-esteem and leadership skills through interacting and modelling to younger children.

Peak Montessori & High School (Main Campus)

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Street # 10, Hafizabad, Marble Factory Area Westridge, Rawalpindi

Peak Home School

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CB-56, Near DM Textile Mill, Marble Factory Area Westridge, Rawalpindi

Peak Montessori & High School (Shamsabad Campus)

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Near Ghousia Masjid, Awan Colony, Dhoke Kala Khan, Shamsabad, Rawalpindi

Peak Montessori & High School

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