Peak School is a pioneering phonetics institute, which means that we follow a unique method of teaching children and making sure they have the skills necessary to enjoy learning for decades.
Learning is supposed to be fun, not forced. Manipulatives are a valuable tool in the education process, helping to meet children’s developmental needs and inspiring them with the excitement of learning. Our specialized repertoire of brochures and assemblies would give kids the opportunity to develop natural tools for learning so they’ll have maximum potential when it comes time to interact with others.


If you’re looking for a Montessori or kindergarten school, our specially prepared classrooms will accommodate children who are 3 ½ – 6+. We’ve designed all of our rooms to help cultivate children’s natural curiosity and love for knowledge. Once they’re motivated from within, they’ll discover their love of learning through hands-on activities.

Curriculum and Co-curriculum

In the Montessori Section, the curriculum is designed to be appropriate for young children. They are taught at their own pace, and there’s plenty of opportunity for hands-on learning. Along with developing the necessary skills for independence, children are introduced to subjects like math, language, phonetics, science, and social studies. They will also be exposed to Islam study and art through exercises that support multiple intelligences.

Montessori at Peak School is about teaching “the family” model; a concept of students learning from and teaching one another. Older children gain responsibility, self-confidence, and leadership skills from interacting and modeling with younger children.

Westridge Campus



Street # 10, Hafizabad, Marble Factory Area Westridge, Rawalpindi

Shamsabad Campus

Near Ghousia Masjid, Awan Colony, Dhoke Kala Khan, Shamsabad, Rawalpindi

G-15 Campus

Jammu & Kashmir Housing Society F 15 , Islamabad

Peak School

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