A student’s Peak School years are a time of exploration, discovery, and questioning. In these significant years, Peak School seeks to capitalize on the wonders of the age, to foster a student’s movement from the concrete to the conceptual, to challenge students to go beyond expectations, and to provide a safe environment in which to question, to learn, and to grow.

Academic Program

For grades 6 and 7, students must take English language arts, natural science/mathematics, social studies (mandarin in grade 6 or 7), computer applications/science/robotics, religious studies, and physical education. With organizational skills as well, they’re well-equipped to be intrinsically successful students.

Student Life

The Middle School offers a caring environment coupled with an appropriately rigorous curriculum that is designed to provide the information, processes, and skills with which reflective decisions can be made. In a nurturing and supportive atmosphere, our students begin to embrace learning as a lifelong pursuit, to use inquiry as a means to discover and explore what truly inspires them, to use the print and digital resources available in a creative and progressive way, to deepen the value of effective communication and authentic relationships, to understand the necessity of attaining fluency in other modern languages, to explore the possibilities of extracurricular activities, and to recognize that increased freedom and independence come with heightened responsibilities.


Middle School students meet on a daily basis with their classroom teachers for morning prayer and any announcements for the day. Each classroom has one assigned teachers to care for students and monitor their overall school experience. Additionally, students meet with their classroom for a whole day periods, time is devoted to meeting and caring for the social-emotional developmental needs of the students. This includes discussing relationship concerns or issues that occur within the class and may also include how to organize one’s time and set goals for being successful in the Middle School. This is also a time for bonding as a class and learning what it means to be part of a cooperative team, a team that is accountable to looking out for one another. Classroom for Middle School students represents a safe place to discuss the challenges of school and problem solve how to handle the day-to-day stresses that come along with adolescence. We strongly believe in partnerships with parents for student success and foster that in our commitment to ongoing, formal and informal two-way communication.

Learning Support Program

Beyond having instruction differentiated within the classroom, students who require extra support or need additional strategies and interventions receive assistance in a number of ways including After School Academic Support, our Learning Support Program or individualized tutoring. Peak School also offers a content-based English and Chines as an Additional Language Program to assist students in acquiring both conversational and academic language.


One of our core beliefs is that all students should have the opportunity to participate fully in a wide range of activities that interest them. Therefore, practice and performance schedules have been organized so that students can choose to participate in Fine Arts and Sports and other various activities.

Westridge Campus




Street # 10, Hafizabad, Marble Factory Area Westridge, Rawalpindi

Shamsabad Campus

Near Ghousia Masjid, Awan Colony, Dhoke Kala Khan, Shamsabad, Rawalpindi

G-15 Campus

Jammu & Kashmir Housing Society F 15 , Islamabad

Peak School

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