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Being an educationist we don’t believe our students to be restricted at home but considering safekeeping and social constraint it is not viable. So we come up with an opportunity to assist parents as well students with the concept of full day boarding school to deliver all academics, physical and religious education under one roof.

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PEAK HOM SKOOL is the school in which every day children learn something new through peer teaching, small group lessons, a nurturing faculty, and an extensive Montessori curriculum by which he will gain a strong academic foundation, grow to be independent thinker and become strong confident young person.

The students participate in multicultural activities that are integrated into the classroom curriculum so it becomes easy and enjoyable for them to understand the different concepts.

The exciting educational experience here at school reflects the wonderful relationship among the students, parents and school as well as the surrounding community according to our Islamic faith.

Westridge Campus



Street # 10, Hafizabad, Marble Factory Area Westridge, Rawalpindi

Shamsabad Campus

Near Ghousia Masjid, Awan Colony, Dhoke Kala Khan, Shamsabad, Rawalpindi

G-15 Campus

Jammu & Kashmir Housing Society F 15 , Islamabad

Peak School

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