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Established in 2008, as innovators of regional education in Rawalpindi – Pakistan,
the school continues to meet the needs of children (segregated-education,
Playgroup to Grade 10) from different faiths and cultures. Peak School faculty
and staff develop learning experiences based on the belief that each student
is an individual with unique abilities, strengths and talents.


Peak School’s vision is to be one among the modern, advanced and
leading professional institution in the region. Peak School aims to be
the leader in producing high-quality education and best services
in the fields of academic. Internally, it is our goal to create
and maintain a culture of high satisfaction and excitement
among our valuable parental for their ultimate choice of
education where commitment to learning, accepting responsibilities,
respect for self, others and the environment, is sought.


Our mission is to develop students in a way that expectations of Parents and
Country would meet. With combined extra effort of staff, parents, students,
and community, is to provide students with a foundation in basic
and professional skills, to foster a positive work ethic, to create an
environment that harbors tolerance and respect for each other.

To spark an attitude of inquiry and an enthusiasm for full day learning
that will enable our children to become productive, responsible citizens.


Being an educationist we don’t believe our students to be restricted at home
but considering safekeeping and social constraint it is not viable. So we come up
with an opportunity to assist parents as well students with the concept of
full day boarding school to deliver all academics, physical and religious education
under one roof.It is our goal to create and maintain a culture of high satisfaction
and excitement among our valuable parental for their ultimate choice of education
where commitment to learning ,accepting responsibilities,
respect for self, others and environment is sought.

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There is no written test for pre-school. The admission test is only for primary and secondary school​


Expert faculty members backed up excellent study material


The academic year commences from March and continues till February of next year


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Academics Classes

Our Academic / Training Department works very closely with teachers to improve their skills​

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Special Education

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Peak School is a pioneering phonetics institute, which means that we follow a unique method of teaching children and making sure they have the skills necessary to enjoy learning for decades.
Learning is supposed to be fun, not forced.

Manipulatives are a valuable tool in the education process, helping to meet children’s developmental needs and inspiring them with the excitement of learning. Our specialized repertoire of brochures and assemblies would give kids the opportunity to develop natural tools for learning so they’ll have maximum potential when it comes time to interact with others.

Elementary School

At Peak School, we focus on developing the potential of each student. Regardless of their ability to speak English, we aim to provide them with the skills they’ll need both academically and socially. Our curriculum is designed to prepare them for the real world. In addition to personal development, we always strive to develop creativity in our students through lessons that grant wide-ranging freedoms.

Our Elementary curriculum includes a wide range of classes, including Language Arts, Structured Word Inquiry, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English as an Additional Language, Religious Studies, and Physical Education. We also focus on Library Skills to help students develop critical thinking skills.

Support specialists also help teachers with their students outside of the classroom. They work one-on-one with students, parents, and teachers to provide educational support for those who need it. This might include children who require an extra boost or children with a minor learning difference.

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Elementary School

Peak School where we seek to develop the full potential of each child, irrespective of ability and knowledge of English, not only academically, but also morally, spiritually, creatively, practically, and socially, and to build self-esteem, tolerance, sensitivity, awareness, and an appreciation of people and their differences.
Our Elementary curricular program includes Language Arts, Structured Word Inquiry, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English as an Additional Language, Religious Studies, Physical Education, and Library Skills.
Specialists learning Support teachers also work individually with students, parents and teachers to provide support for students who may require additional assistance with their learning, or for students who may have a minor learning difference.

Middle School

Students in the Peak School system, often in their most formative years, need help to embrace the wonders of this age and grow. Our schools provide a variety of academic experiences that foster students’ journey from concrete working to conceptual understanding. In addition, we encourage our students to question the current state of affairs and move beyond expectations.

High School

Peak School provides many different instructional options for students of different levels. Beyond that, students with additional needs or challenges during the school day receive assistance in several ways, including our After School Academic Support program and our Learning Support Program. Peak School also offers English-based content and Chinese as an additional language Program to assist students struggling to acquire both conversational and academic language.

Why Peak School?

We believe that the delivery of knowledge and the environment it is dispensed in is as crucial as the content. This is done through an interactive teaching style, which emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning and development through project-based classroom activities and sports as opposed to a traditional theory-heavy curriculum. This institution is about creating an environment that is ideal for learning and that makes education a stimulating experience.
Since 2008, Peak School has functioned as a school community where moral values govern all that we do to help students, parents and staff reach their full potential.
One of the most valuable benefits of a Peak School education is preparation for the future. Students are provided with a balanced, quality academic and extracurricular program which to date has resulted in a 100% matriculation rate.


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